Transport (Rail Marine Road)

Reliably streaming live, quality video from a moving vehicle is difficult to achieve, especially over satellite and cellular networks. Issues include:

  • Loss and poor quality of the video stream
  • Varying bandwidth availability
  • Loss of connection
  • High cost of data while streaming
  • Security
  • High levels of latency

Videosoft specialises in the transmission of ultra-low bandwidth, low latency of video over a range of wireless networks including mobile. We can provide a range of reliable, secure and easy to set up products for the transport sectors.

Applications include:

  • Remote live CCTV for the cash in transit
  • Remote live access to onboard CCTV for rail
  • Remote live access to onboard bus CCTV
  • Personal protection in cars

All of our solutions will transmit to multiple locations simultaneously, and we offer integration into all the major VMS platforms.

We will also undertake specialist product development when required.


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