Why do I need it?

If you want to utilize live video streaming as part of your operations, then you will face multiple challenges.

How to connect to cameras remotely? What network to use? How will the performance be? What’s the cost of transmission? How about security?

We have a team of highly experienced programmers with extensive backgrounds in developing transmission solutions. Because of our in-depth knowledge and years of experience in this field, Videosoft understands all these challenges. We have built-in features for all our products which gives you the best possible answer solution to each issue. These features have been designed to be ultra simple to use, even for the non technical.

There is a massive gap between getting something ‘up and running’ for proof of concept and a reliable, rugged, secure, industrial-grade solution… Videosoft’s Ultra-low Bandwidth Video range is just that. Don’t waste time and effort trying – just let the experts help.

Main benefits of using Videosoft:

  • Less data usage and more effective transmission
    • High-efficiency video compression technology
  • Simple, easy to use technology
    • Easy configuration
    • Plug and play operation
  • Cost effective
    • Delivers high value at lowest cost
  • Less downtime and low maintenance
    • Reliable and robust communications
  • Increased usability and responsiveness
    • Low latency transmission
  • Multi data streams and priorities
    • Audio, video, and data transmission
  • Reduced man-hours with Remote operation, self-healing architecture
    • No human intervention needed to maintain service
  • Off the shelf integration into third-party platforms
    • Flexible and open architecture
  • Adaptable & configurable
    • Bespoke integrations to back end systems or edge services
  • One stop shop
    • Everything included from a single supplier
  • Responsiveness
    • Great customer support from Videosoft

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