How does it work?

You choose which product is right for you, from fully complete deployable cameras, standalone hardware encoders, or software only encoders.

Each product contains one or more ‘gateways’. You connect one or more cameras or network video streams to the gateway, or in the case of the fully complete kits, the camera is already included and connected for you.

The gateway will then automatically use the required bandwidth and encoding parameters to encode, record and on-demand transmit live real-time video, utilizing the highly optimized and efficient techniques, specifically designed for low bandwith.

Other devices such as audio, GPS antennae, alarm systems, IoT devices and remote-control systems etc can also be connected to a gateway, with the source data being recorded and transmitted live on demand.

All streams and data from each product can be viewed and managed remotely by Videosoft apps running on Windows, Android and IOS or additionally they can be passed to a third-party VMSs for example to be incorporated as part of a wider system.

Each product enables users to connect to streams over local networks as well as other wide area networks such as 3G/4G/5G, Wireless, Satellite. The adaptive bandwidth features of the system ensure efficient and reliable streams in any conditions.

The Videosoft solution is made up of several parts.

1. VS Gateway

The VS gateway comes in a variety of forms, it can be software only or software and hardware combined. The gateway is where you connect your video cameras, IoT devices, microphones, I/Os etc. The gateway contains everything necessary to connect and communicate with the device, receive and record data, transmit live to the network and provide real-time viewing and control to and from the remote user for whatever device type is being used. For example, transmitting live video from a CCTV camera to a remote user over the cellular network. We even have ready to use, fully integrated deployable camera systems if you just want to plug and go…

2. Videosoft Control Center Service (CCS)

When powered on, each gateway makes a network connection to the Videosoft CCS which is software installed either in the cloud on the Videosoft hosted platform or in the customers own private network. The role of CCS is to communicate with all installed gateways and route the data and video from them to the users who may be using Videosoft clients or third party operations platforms. The CCS efficiently handles aspects such as user authentication, security, licensing, connection management and integrations with third-party solutions, providing a seamless interface from users to the gateways in the field.

3. Viewing Platforms

The VS Viewers are apps that run on Windows, Android or IOS. They provide a basic level of functionality as a stand-alone system, presenting real-time live video and video controls, audio, GPS and mapping data, alarms and alerts, remote relay control and environmental properties of the gateways.

The VS Bridge can also provide an interface via MJPEG, JPEG, Onvif or RTSP for integration into third party viewing systems or VMS.

In addition, bespoke integration of other third-party platforms is possible by arrangement.


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