Our products

Videosoft provides efficient and adaptive video compression solutions and bespoke real-time transmission protocols ensuring the most reliable and low latency delivery of streams, even across low bitrate and unreliable networks such as mobile and satellite.

Simplicity is at the heart of the Videosoft philosophy. Even though powerful, the setup and operation of the Ultra-low Bandwidth video products is easy, saving time, effort, and resources, enabling you to focus on the operation in hand rather than struggle with technology.

Videosoft’s Ultra-low Bandwidth Video products come in a variety of options...

Hardware based:

  • Fully integrated deployable cameras
  • Standalone hardware encoders
  • External weatherproof kits

Software based:

  • Software only encoders for Linux, Android and IOS
  • Server side management and viewing software
  • Third party VMS integration
  • OEM components for third party products


  • SaaS – Hosted services
  • Airtime packages
  • Support and maintenance programmes
  • Bespoke software integrations and developments

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