Apart from video what else can I transmit?

Many device types can be connected to the gateway, not just video, and the list is potentially endless.

The most common devices connected are video and CCTV cameras, audio microphones, GPS tracking antennae and I/O devices.

As well as these standard device types, we can write bespoke interfaces for practically anything you need to connect.

More information about common device types:

Video Device Type

You can connect IP cameras and analogue cameras to the gateway and multiple cameras can be connected at the same time.

The gateway can live stream in full high resolution quality and for the ultimate in low bitrate, low latency, real-time video streaming there is the option to transcode the video on the fly. This leads to more reliable and cost-efficient video transmission for any given network situation.

Multiple simultaneous streams can be sent from a single gateway and at all times full, high quality video is being recorded locally for later retrieval.

Audio Device Type

Microphones or cameras with microphones connected to the gateway will be recorded locally and transmitted live on demand. This provides one-way or two-way communications, effectively providing listening, audio challenge or two-way conversation capabilities.


The addition of a GPS antenna or GPS device and the gateway will record the localization data and stream real-time location data to the CCS. The viewing client can then see a map of where the gateway is in real time, moving or static.

Alarm Type

Add alarm inputs to the gateway to record bookmarks of events and send live alarms to the control center for processing. Each alarm input will result in a bookmark or event being recorded to allow easy review and retrieval at a later time.

IOT Sensor Type

Plug in any environmental sensor type or data capture device, and the gateway will record data and a bookmark of events and stream live sensor data back to the control center.

Analytics Type

Utilizing data or video analytics at the edge provides a compelling capability. The gateway records events and data generated by the analytics, streams data and alerts to the control center for processing.

Remote Control Service Type

If you want to remotely control a remote system with low latency and with good responsiveness and reliability, then the gateway provides this link, with audio and/or video. This can be serial I/O or IP I/O communications or a mix of both.

Additional bespoke interfaces can be added – contact us for more information if you have a service type you would like to add.


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