Police and Military

In the police and homeland security arena, reliable real-time situational awareness is critical to operational success and can make the difference between life and death. Situations can be very unpredictable and are often in areas where the transmission of live video is via unreliable and limited bandwidth wireless networks.

Videosoft is a specialist in transmitting ultra-low bandwidth, low latency video over such networks, including mobile and satellite. We can provide a range of reliable, secure and easy to use products including:

  • Covert solutions, both hardware and/or software
  • Overt solutions and standalone rapid deployment cameras
  • Body-worn and mobile phone App-based software – both overt and covert
  • Live mobile based systems for a range of vehicles including police cars/motorbikes, drones and even helicopters


All of our solutions will transmit to multiple locations simultaneously, and we offer integration into all the major VMS platforms.

We will also undertake specialist product development when required.


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