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The remote monitoring of CCTV within local authorities is critical to the communities they serve. CCTV plays a vital role in city centre surveillance, monitoring traffic, reducing fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour, or helping to stop rural crime.

In response to rapidly developing situations, cameras must be deployed within a matter of hours. Frequently, in these scenarios, there is no wired infrastructure to allow remote access.

Videosoft has a range of products that enable the rapid deployment of reliable and secure CCTV streaming of ultra-low bandwidth, low latency video over wireless networks including both satellite and cellular networks.

Even in locations where permanent cameras are required, many local authorities find that installing solutions that can be reliably accessed remotely via the mobile network is far more cost-effective than a fixed cable solution. Not only are deployable solutions cheaper to install and run, but communities also suffer far less disruption when groundworks are required.

All of our solutions will transmit to multiple locations simultaneously, and we offer integration into all the major VMS platforms.

We will also undertake specialist product development when required.

Focused solutions for the prevention of fly-tipping

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