Who we are

Low Bandwidth Video – Live video streaming made simple.

Videosofts highly experienced team of developers are specialists in the compression and transmission of live video and provide software and hardware solutions designed specifically for bandwidth-efficient video streaming applications within the CCTV, IoT, Covert and tactical video surveillance arenas.

The Low Bandwidth video product range includes easy to use components and complete units for the setup and operation of secure, live video, audio and data streams for viewing, control, and processing in real-time.

Videosoft solutions provide efficient and adaptive video compression features and bespoke real-time transmission protocols, ensuring the most reliable and low latency delivery of streams, even across low bitrate and unreliable networks.

Meet the team

Stewart McCone Videosoft

Stewart McCone

Stewart McCone is Videosoft’s CEO, bringing more than 20 years of industry experience to the Videsoft business. With a strong technical background in software, Stewart continues to be active in pushing boundaries in developing innovative low bandwidth video products for the mobile wireless communications and technology sector.

Iain Janes Videosoft

Iain Janes
Business Development

Since 2005 Iain Janes has been associated with various global tech businesses in the telecommunications arena. As Business Development for Videosoft, Iain’s breadth of understanding, knowledge and experience in the market enables him to support and advise clients on all aspects of live video streaming, from concept to installation.

Richard Haim Videosoft

Richard Haim
Development Team Leader

Richard Haim has worked at the leading edge of software communications development for the last 20 years, specialising in low bandwidth video streaming. Richard heads up an innovation-focused development team sharing Stewart’s vision, with the know-how to build complex technology into simple to use but effective and robust customer solutions.

Andy Stocker Videosoft

Andy Stocker
Principal Public Sector Manager

Public Space CCTV/Surveillance is a subject close to Andy Stocker’s heart, as demonstrated by his success as “Street Czar” at London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. Andy’s hands-on, no-nonsense approach, enables him to understand and devise solutions to alleviate issues faced by residents in problem areas and those that serve to protect them.

Simon Myers Videosoft

Simon Myers
Engineering, Infrastructure and Technical Support Manager

In addition to heading up Videosoft’s technical support team, Simon Myers’ remit is to research, develop and deliver user-friendly solutions. He merges 12 years of video hardware and software experience with 20 years in the IT industry to provide quality solutions for demanding video streaming requirements.

Martin Langmaid Videosoft

Martin Langmaid
Technology Evangelist

Getting video into and out of extraordinary places is something of a regularity for Martin Langmaid. His background in solving connectivity challenges for government, military and enterprise customers gives him a unique insight into the real-world challenges of remote video access and playback. Martin is an engineer, educator and evangelist on all Videosoft products and technologies.

Sarah Stephenson Videosoft

Sarah Stephenson
Climate & Marine Specialist

Sarah Stephenson is Videosoft’s climate specialist with a focus on marine systems. She has a strong academic background spanning environmental science, climate change and management of the marine environment. Sarah’s work at Videosoft centres on guidance and industry research exploring opportunities for Videosoft’s technology across the marine sector.