June 20, 2024

UAV Revolution: World’s First 5G/Iridium Certus Terminal Issued

Videosoft Global and ATMOSPHERE have joined forces to transform aerospace connectivity solutions by delivering the world’s first Iridium-certified 5G/Iridium Terminal for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), with built-in low bandwidth real-time video streaming capabilities.

Videosoft are leaders in real-time video streaming solutions for UAVs, enabling real-time video from remote platforms including BVLOS applications using the lowest possible bandwidth. Marking a significant milestone in the aerospace industry, this strategic collaboration is opening up new avenues for enhanced connectivity and mission critical viewing for UAV users like never before.

Based on the Iridium Certus™ 9770 modem, ATMOSPHERE’s PLANET 9770 terminal offers over ten times the capacity of legacy Iridium terminals. Created to address the real-time mission information exchange needs of aerial work operators, the new PLANET 9770 UAV-F Terminal integrates Videosoft Global’s API for seamless real-time video streaming of the UAV powered by the Iridium Certus® 100 satellite service. Optimised for solutions with strict size, weight, and power requirements, Iridium Certus® 100 provides true global connectivity for mobile, fixed, and portable drone operations around the world.

Designed to enable seamless flight monitoring integration by third parties, in certain flight conditions UAV users can switch between satellite and cellular networks with ease.

Intended to accelerate ROI and save costs in challenging conditions, the PLANET 9770 UAV-F Terminal allows for a fully controlled 5G connection between the terminal and the ground setup.

Both serial connections can be set to different data rates, which is particularly powerful when high data rate telemetry exceeds the Iridium bandwidth. This feature makes it possible to forward a low data rate telemetry via the Iridium link and a high data rate telemetry through the Cellular link.

The PLANET terminal also has built-in Wireless LAN capabilities, making both access point and client mode possible. This has proven useful in disaster scenarios, where personnel on the ground require easy Wireless LAN connectivity offered by a UAV hovering above.

BVLOS Situational Awareness | Seamless Real-time Connectivity at Lightning-Fast Speeds

With the increase in BVLOS operations, drones may have to reach regions where cellular or radio links (2.4 GHz etc.) do not exist due to a lack of infrastructure or they’re simply not resilient enough to maintain a connection.

Ideal for long-range surveillance and intelligence monitoring, surveying and cargo delivery, ATMOSPHERE offers solutions for a variety of applications including LOS (line of sight) and Beyond Visual Line of Sight drone missions (BVLOS). Enhancing safety and efficiency at every level, lower data transmission can also help extend flight times and cover larger areas more efficiently in remote locations.

As leaders in their respective technologies, ATMOSPHERE and Videosoft Global offer significant advantages with this collaboration. Making the impossible possible, these include:

  • Superior video transmission capabilities, including multiple streams from a single encoder over 4G/5G networks and bulk telemetry
  • Reliable, true global connectivity for UAV for surveillance worldwide
  • Enhanced security measures and exceptional visual quality
  • Next generation terminal equipment, integrated with Iridium Certus® technology for optimal performance
  • Unparalleled user experience and easy-to-use features
  • PLANET is designed to align with the latest industry standards, meeting the evolving needs of aerial work operators.
  • Support of Edge computing for AI, Intelligent Sensor Integration.
  • State-of-the-art VPNs, firewalling and cybersecurity.
  • UAV for Surveillance | Unleash the full potential of UAV with the PLANET 9770 UAV-F Terminal

    Delivering native IP connectivity with midband data speeds up to 22Kbps transmit / 88 Kbps receive in Iridium Certus mode and broadband speeds up to 615 Mbs in 4/5G mode, other notable features include:

  • Local interfaces; Power, Ethernet, Serial
  • GNSS receiver for autonomous location and timing
  • Low-profile passive antenna (no ground plane required)
  • Real-time sensor data and downlink
  • Payload configuration, both in the air and at sea.
  • Integrated into the PLANET 9770 Terminal, the Videosoft gateway is used to start a real-time stream with the camera, process the video stream and make a connection with the control server on the ground. To control the video stream (video quality, fps, recording, etc), the Videosoft client viewer is used to receive data from the Videosoft gateway (onboard) and includes a unique “area of interest” feature, allowing users to extract an area of the video as a high-quality image – no matter the bandwidth or the location.

    Stewart McCone, CEO at Videosoft Global, said:

    “Our partnership with ATMOSPHERE showcases a mutual dedication to advancing the aerospace industry using cutting-edge technology. Offering advanced connectivity solutions for a wide range of industries, seamless real-time video via satellite and wireless cellular networks is made simple. All while complying with industry standards. Our video streaming compression technology, integrated into ATMOSPHERE’s PLANET service, will undoubtedly empower users across the aerospace industry with unparalleled connectivity and data exchange capabilities.”

    Jean Marc Gaubert, Managing Director at ATMOSPHERE, said:

    “At ATMOSPHERE, innovation and excellence are at the core of our mission. Teaming up with Videosoft Global enables us to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our valued customers. Together, we are opening up new horizons in aerial work operations, fostering increased efficiency and setting new industry standards.”

    Joe Darden, Associate Director of Aviation at Iridium, said:

    “As leaders in their respective fields, this partnership and achievement between Videosoft and ATMOSPHERE fuels innovation in the industry. Utilizing Iridium’s truly global satellite network as a companion link to 5G provides UAVs with reliable connectivity, enhancing safety and streamlining BVLOS operations.”


    Already receiving many requests for this groundbreaking solution, the technical specifications for the PLANET 9770 UAV-F Terminal are:

  • Flame-resistant ABS UL94V-0
  • Low-profile passive antenna that can be easily installed on the UAV
  • Operating temperature: -15°C to +50°C
  • Size : 175(W) x 120(D) x 50(H)mm
  • Weight : 810g
  • Eurosatory 2024 | 17 – 21 June | Hall 5B, Booth DE111

    Joining a fantastic lineup of partners, including ATMOSPHERE, Videosoft Global will be attending Eurosatory 2024 in Paris from 17th – 21st June 2024; The global event for defense and security. So, be sure to visit Hall 5B, Booth DE111 to see our demo in person and explore the many possibilities we offer for enhancing your operations.

    About Videosoft Global: Videosoft Global provides reliable, industrial-grade video streaming solutions for environments where network speed is limited. Employing highly-adaptive video compression and transmission technology with the lowest possible latency, remote surveillance and operations can access high-quality, real-time video streams anytime, anywhere from as little as 1Kbps with ease. With a comprehensive suite of features, including full, high-quality local recording and market-leading image enhancement tools, a seamless blend of video, audio, GPS, and data is guaranteed.

    ATMOSPHERE is an esteemed engineering company with a strong foundation in aeronautics, satellite telecommunications, networking, and security. ATMOSPHERE core mission is to design, build, and operate comprehensive connectivity solutions specifically tailored for the aviation industry. With a track record dating back to 2008, providing end-to-end solutions, ATMOSPHERE has firmly established itself as a trusted partner for aerospace customers worldwide.

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