July 9, 2024

Wimbledon Champions Videosoft for Event Security Surveillance

The Wimbledon Championships have stepped up event security operations this year by installing real-time Rapid Deployment cameras provided by Videosoft Global, faultlessly streaming the entire first week without any issues.

Videosoft are leaders in real-time video surveillance solutions for government operations and local authorities, serving up real-time video for large public events using the lowest possible bandwidth. Offering greater flexibility than traditional video management systems, Rapid Deployment cameras combined with real-time visuals are revolutionising large-scale public event management such as this.

With the RDS-900 unit positioned at the entrance of Centre Court, Merton Council can ensure the wellbeing of the local community and all visitors to Wimbledon, no matter the network conditions. Quick and easy to install, the Videosoft RDS-900 Pole Camera streams low latency real-time video to the control room VMS over 3G/4G cellular networks. Often the case at busy sporting events when cellular towers become congested, sharing bandwidth with multiple devices in one area can severely interrupt internet speed and critical data transmission. Able to switch between mesh and cellular networks with ease, leading public surveillance solutions from Videosoft Global create secure, low-bandwidth networks to keep critical communication flowing as events unfold.

Major Event Security Surveillance | Real-time Crowd Control For Immediate Situational Awareness

The Videosoft Global RDS-900 Real-Time Surveillance Pole Camera in situ at Wimbledon Championships 2024

The larger the crowd, the bigger the risk. From mischievous streakers to petty theft and vandalism to more extreme security risks like terrorist attacks, real-time video streaming is a must for modern event security management.

Ensuring the safety of visitors, athletes and staff, Videosoft Global offers real-time solutions tailored to a wide range of events. Monitoring persons of interest or identifying unauthorised visitors in real-time helps minimise disruptions, prevent conflicts and streamline operations.

Serving up numerous advantages to local authorities and the communities they support, these include:

  • Far-reaching PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) control provides operation centres with unlimited visual access to quickly assess crowd density levels and traffic patterns. PTZ prevents overcrowding and ensures smooth emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Integrated with a range of VMS solutions including Milestone, Genetec and Synectics, the RDS-900 delivers full wireless access via mobile networks.
  • Dual SIM capabilities, working with any SIM card.
  • Fully operator controlled encoding and streaming profile from as little as 1kbps, all the way through to full rate 1080p profiles.
  • Integrated video analytics and alerts.
  • On board recording, playback and high-quality download of events for evidential purposes.
  • AES256 Encryption and Certificate Authentication.
  • Single camera areas of interest at different bitrates or multiple cameras.
  • Auto adaptive compression/bitrate encoding to maintain real-time video.
  • Easy plug-and-play setup.
  • The RDS-900 Real-Time Rapid Deployment Surveillance Camera in situ at Wimbledon Championships 2024

    Stewart McCone, CEO at Videosoft Global, said:

    “Securing one of the biggest sporting events in the world isn’t easy. Thankfully, Videosoft Global compression technology offers seamless connectivity via satellite and wireless cellular networks – ensuring smooth real-time video feeds no matter how congested the network is. As the first step towards Wimbledon’s ambitious expansion plans, real-time video is providing local authorities and governments around the world with limitless opportunities.”

    About Videosoft Global: Videosoft Global provides reliable, industrial-grade video streaming solutions for environments where network speed is limited. Employing highly-adaptive video compression and transmission technology with the lowest possible latency, remote surveillance and operations can access high-quality, real-time video streams anytime, anywhere from as little as 1kbps with ease. With a comprehensive suite of features, including full, high-quality local recording and market-leading image enhancement tools, a seamless blend of video, audio, GPS, and data is guaranteed.

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