Mayflower Autonomous Vessel Mayflower Images courtesy Promare/IBM

Mayflower Autonomous Vessel

Videosoft enables live video streaming of the Mayflower over satellite and cellular networks.

Using advanced transmission techniques and video bandwidth management Videosoft enables a whole range of possibilities that are unachievable with standard technology.

Leverage the power of live video in your operations and talk to us about how we can achieve that for you.

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Mayflower Images courtesy Promare/IBM


SEA-KIT uncrewed USV Maxlimer

Live video from survey vessel | research initiative | Tonga volcano eruption

September 22, 2022

Another great example of how Videosoft Global can make a difference to autonomous operations. We are...

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AI cameras from Videosoft shows woman dumping parcel in street and walking away anti fly tipper

ITV News Coverage | Videosoft “smart cameras” employed in the battle against fly-tippers

August 10, 2022

Buckinghamshire Council has unleashed its latest weapon in the fight against fly-tippers; using smart cameras provided...

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Cradlepoint Routers running Videosoft FireLight enables streaming from moving vehicles

The future today | Videosoft partners with Cradlepoint to optimize video streaming over 5G and LTE networks

July 29, 2022

A new Partnership with Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-delivered 5G and LTE wireless network edge...

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Satellite comms Oil Rig

Videosoft seals deal with US satellite comms player Iridium

March 29, 2022

Virginia, US-based Iridium Communications Inc. is the latest international comms business to benefit from Videosoft Global’s...

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FireBird F-100 - Videosoft

FireBird has landed

Videosoft FireBird F-100, designed for low bandwidth video transmission (from 4kbps) can stream a camera’s native output when viewing HD wide-angle cameras for the highest level of detail/FPS.

The FireBird F-100 is the ultimate in compact, deployable surveillance solutions for the Police/Homeland Security, Critical National Infrastructure, Defence & CCTV arenas.

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iOS & Android Viewer App available now

This app allows Apple and Android users to log in and view live video streams from their remote cameras from wherever they are whenever they want.

Combined with low bandwidth, users can set up complete end to end video streaming solutions with ease for any application in the surveillance, CCTV, Marine or IOT industries.

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Videosoft iOS Viewer App