May 6, 2024

SightLine Applications Announces Compatibility with Videosoft Global

Improve Video Processing Latency and Bandwidth

Portland, OR: SightLine Applications, a leader in onboard video processing for advanced camera systems, proudly announces its partnership with Videosoft Global Ltd., a leading provider of high-quality, low bandwidth live video streaming solutions across wireless networks. This integration is a significant advancement in real-time video processing, particularly for applications requiring low-latency and where bandwidth is limited.

Stewart McCone, CEO at Videosoft Global, said:

“This partnership represents another pivotal moment in the evolution of video streaming technology. By combining SightLine’s advanced onboard video processing with Videosoft’s exceptional low-bandwidth video streaming capabilities, all integrated into a module in the actual camera system, we’re setting a new standard for real-time video communication, especially in scenarios where every second counts.”

SightLine Applications’ customers can now benefit from compatible integration and validated installation of Videosoft’s innovative technology on SightLine’s 4100-OEM hardware platform. Videosoft’s video Gateway, designed for Linux-based systems, ensures compatibility and ease of use across a wide range of platforms.

One of the key advantages of this collaboration is a low-bandwidth solution that enhances real-time video processing over wireless networks with bandwidth constraints. For applications in remote areas where mission-critical video streaming is imperative such as BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) operations in defense, search and rescue and commercial drone applications, this compatibility is particularly significant. The transmission of ultra-low bandwidth is crucial for ensuring real-time situational awareness, enabling users to operate effectively in challenging environments and make informed decisions.

As leaders in their respective technologies, SightLine and Videosoft offer significant advantages with this collaboration.

These advantages include:

  • Companion model with close to 150 cameras
  • Analytics at the edge in real-time
  • Low-latency streaming
  • Bandwidth adaptive video encoding
  • Encrypted and secure real-time streaming
  • About SightLine Applications: Founded in 2007, SightLine Applications is an industry leader in onboard video processing for advanced camera systems. SightLine edge processing boards are integrated at the camera level to provide low-latency video processing on a variety of platforms. With well over 1.5 million hours of real-world experience, SightLine has delivered over 40,000 processors/licenses across the globe.

    About Videosoft Global: Videosoft Global is fast establishing itself as a global leader in high-quality, low-latency live video streaming solutions across wireless networks. Its unparalleled technology seamlessly integrates adaptive video compression and transmission protocols, revolutionising streaming capabilities by delivering remarkable ultra-low bandwidth performance starting from as little as 4kbps. This redefines the notion of a ‘low bandwidth’ video solution and ‘works when you need it most’, even in the most challenging of environments.

    Hardware and network agnostic, Videosoft is well placed to meet the needs of customers experiencing real-time video challenges from remote locations, providing tailored solutions across many markets.

    For media inquiries, please contact:

    SightLine Applications, LLC

    Videosoft Global

    Contact information:
    SightLine Applications, LLC, 5771 S. Hood Ave., Suite A, Portland, OR 97202 USA; phone: +1 541 716 5137
    Videosoft Global Ltd.: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU UK; phone: +44 (0) 333 242 0563

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