Overcome poor bandwidth and tough network conditions effortlessly, over Satcom, Cellular and Mesh.

Solve connectivity issues with our adaptive, and reliable video streaming from as little as 1kbps, even in areas with poor bandwidth or the toughest network environments.

Meaning our technology operates in more areas for longer than with other solutions. Videosoft works when you need it most.

How we do it

Our adaptive video compression and transmission technology is setting new standards for high-quality, low-latency streaming over wireless networks such as Satellite, Cell and Mesh.

With an extensive range of features, including real-time low-bitrate video and full, high-quality local recording.

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Our streaming solutions offer viewing of multiple areas of interest, supported by Total Recall™ image enhancement, ensuring a seamless blend of video, audio, GPS, and data streams. Our comprehensive solution empowers you to efficiently manage your remote operations and much more.

Making us the best-in-breed video streaming solution on the market.

Whether you buy our end-to-end solutions, integrate our software into your product, or purchase one of the many solutions from our partners with Videosoft inside, we are sure you will be impressed at the ease of use, reliability and performance of our technology.

Video Streaming Solution - Videosoft

Offering a range of flexible options: From turnkey solutions to seamless partner integrations.

Easy software embedment, flexible across multiple platforms. Open up your vision to secure real-time video solutions for remote operations.

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Transform Remote Operations Together

Collaborating with top-tier global partners, we effortlessly integrate cutting-edge video streaming technology to revolutionise the future of remote applications.

Together, we go beyond traditional boundaries, overcoming low bandwidth barriers and unlocking new possibilities. Experience unparalleled video quality at the lowest bitrates available in the market.

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Once you deploy our solution, you won’t ever need to change partners again!

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Why Choose Us

Dramatically lowers data costs - Videosoft

Dramatically lowers data costs by streaming from as low as 4kbps.

Tested in diverse environments - Videosoft

Tested in diverse environments. Our technology delivers robust, secure, and uninterrupted video streaming.

Multiple streams/areas of interest - Videosoft

Multiple streams/areas of interest can be monitored remotely, providing a real-time view of operations.

Total recall™ feature - Videosoft

Total recall™ feature - specify and download high-resolution pixels from an area of interest in a scene.

Our code base is portable - Videosoft

Our code base is portable and easy to install across multiple processor platforms.

Simple to use software - Videosoft

Simple to use software, and interface with no specialist training required.

Integrates with off-the-shelf hardware - Videosoft

Integrates with off-the-shelf hardware, including cameras, edge computing devices and server equipment.

Scalable and Flexible - Videosoft

Scalable and Flexible, adapt to the needs of bespoke remote business operations.

“After extensive testing, we can confidently affirm that your software stands out for its exceptional usability. Its user-friendly design and intuitive interface truly set it apart in our evaluations.

We were particularly impressed with the software’s remarkable adaptability when it came to frame rate and resolution. Even under challenging conditions, such as a minimal bandwidth of 10kbps via the Iridium satellite network, your software managed to deliver a moving image. This speaks volumes about your software’s resilience and flexibility”

Sylvain Esclapez, Hydrographic Surveyor at EGS Survey Pty Ltd (Australia)

EGS Australia

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