August 18, 2023

Videosoft Global Receives Major Investment for Unprecedented Growth

Empowering the Future of Real-Time Video Streaming

In June 2023, Videosoft Global received significant additional support from four external investors, including…

Ruby Tech, a prominent Taiwanese manufacturer. With extensive experience in the networking industry spanning over 40 years, Ruby Tech is a renowned supplier of OEM/ODM switches to top-tier security and surveillance brands.

Premier Capital Management, Premier VC, is a respected Taiwan-based venture capital firm, that boasts a strong success record with expertise in the technology industry, focusing on AI, big data, and the IoT.

Sun-Yuan Venture Capital Corp, based in Taipei, Taiwan. A prominent venture capital firm closely aligned with Premier Capital Management shapes its investment portfolio, which focuses on funding technology firms specialising in AI, big data, and IoT.

The investment benefits from the substantial fourth contribution provided by a well-regarded and established venture capital firm, known for its remarkable track record of success.

The joint investment will drive Videosoft Globals’ growth and expansion. With these funds, the company aims to strengthen its teams by hiring new employees and setting up global hubs to respond to demand for its products and services. In the coming months, Videosoft Global will focus on developing user-centric products and launching regional service areas, ensuring its industry leadership.

The Roots of Success
Back in 2020, LungHwa, one of the oldest and most revered electronics manufacturers in Taiwan, invested in a team of highly experienced management, technical experts and product developers carrying a wealth of knowledge in the communications industry. Together, they collaborated to establish Videosoft Global, ushering in a new era of technological innovation.

The Future is Now
Videosoft Global pioneers adaptive video compression and transmission tech. The goal: become a global leader by streaming high-quality, low-latency live video over any wireless network. Includes satellite, cellular, and mesh.

Even under ultra-low bitrate and unreliable networks, they ensure seamless streaming from as little as 4kbps, providing unparalleled flexibility for real-time operations.

This will enable many new sectors to take advantage of real-time video streaming including aviation, drones, oil and gas, maritime and satcom.

The product range provides secure and reliable industrial-grade solutions with user-friendly components for live video, audio, and data streams. Real-time control and remote viewing capabilities, reshaping live streaming possibilities anytime, anywhere.

With an extensive feature set, the selection offers flexibility to cater to operational needs. Whether it’s fully integrated deployable cameras, standalone hardware encoders or software-based products for Linux, Android, and iOS, they have a diverse portfolio of options to meet unique requirements.

Over the past 3 years, Videosoft Global has undergone an incredible transformation, driven by our dedicated team’s relentless pursuit of solution refinement. Our achievements have opened up limitless opportunities as we venture into untapped markets and forge new partnerships.

Stewart McCone, Chief Executive Officer, Videosoft Global

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