February 27, 2024

Announcing a new collaboration SKYTRAC and Videosoft Global!

Our innovative ultra-low bandwidth solution will empower SKYTRAC’s customers to take advantage of real-time video transmission over wireless networks with limited bandwidth.

With reliable, low-latency, real-time video available globally, it is perfect for critical airborne observation and surveillance operations.
The streaming services will be available over SKYTRAC’s family of Iridium Certus® connected systems.

“Videosoft is glad to be working with SKYTRAC to introduce our ultra-low bandwidth streaming solution to their aviation markets.

In partnering with SKYTRAC, we are affirming our dedication to providing innovative video streaming solutions for those conducting critical missions. We believe our service will be incredibly beneficial to SKYTRAC’s customers.”

Stewart McCone, CEO of Videosoft Global.

“SKYTRAC is always looking for ways to offer new and innovative solutions to our customers, and we are excited to offer Videosoft’s streaming for our Iridium Certus® systems. With our mutual understanding of creating solutions for harsh and low-bandwidth environments, this partnership is set to open new avenues for both of us and further strengthen our position as leading solutions providers.”

Iain Ronis, Director of Product Management at SKYTRAC.

Learn more about this exciting new partnership, read the full press release: https://bit.ly/48wD1CP

Enhancing Aviation Operations: A Deeper Look

1. Search and Rescue Operations

Enhance search and rescue missions through live video streaming. This technology enables quick location identification and assistance, drastically improving response times and overall outcomes in critical situations.

2. Fire and Rescue

Firefighters will gain real-time aerial video feeds, boosting situational awareness and improving coordination in fire and rescue missions. This feature guarantees more efficient responses, particularly in demanding scenarios.

3. National Disaster Response

Transforming disaster management by revolutionising real-time aerial assessments and coordination, ensuring rapid and efficient response strategies during national crises. This reshapes the aviation industry’s role in critical situations.

4. Security and Surveillance

Elevating security measures, by the introduction of live streaming capabilities to monitor critical infrastructure, borders, and public spaces from the sky. This vigilant eye enhances overall security and surveillance measures via real-time viewing.

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