December 8, 2022

Inmarsat reaches deal with Zamil Offshore to roll-out fleet connectivity for Saudi Aramco chartered vessels

Another great project supported by Videosoft Global technology.

Read the full press release here

“Our ultra-low bandwidth streaming service is dramatically more data-efficient than other solutions. As a result, we are opening new markets in areas where live video streaming from a vessel was believed to be too data hungry, unaffordable, or not possible. There is also the added advantage that Videosoft technology provides automatic variable bitrate control, so customers should never lose a live stream whilst there is a connection, even as low as 4 kbps.

When delivered via a secure, dedicated connection through Fleet Connect – and backed by the high speeds and reliability of Fleet Xpress – Videosoft offers an onboard CCTV solution that fulfils Saudi Aramco’s high expectations for round-the-clock monitoring”

Iain Janes, Videosoft


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