Frequently asked questions

What is FireLight?

FireLight is a cloud based or on-premise* solution that, via your Cradlepoint router, can enable you to view live video over cellular/LTE networks at ultra-low data rates which should help you to reduce your costs. It also has the added benefit that in areas where bandwidth is limited, and normal video transmission is not feasible you will be able to access your video feeds.

We also have standalone solutions for other routers in the Cradlepoint family, that as well as reducing data/rates consumption, locally record video which will be available to view retrospectively via the Videosoft viewer. Once installed you will be able to stream video from bitrates at low as 20kbps.

We consider ultra-low bandwidth to be between .006mbps to .50mbps**, without compression many CCVT cameras stream at many mbps**

FireLight is a service that can be enabled on both Cradlepoint’s IBR1700 and R1900 mobile routers to offer a single, low bitrate stream.

If you require higher resolutions or more than one stream to run simultaneously, we have additional hardware units that will work alongside the Cradlepoint routers. For further information please contact us.

Included in our price is a desktop/laptop or mobile phone viewer that will let you log onto camera feeds from anywhere around the globe*** and even control your PTZ enabled camera (subject to camera specification). We are also integrated with many of todays widely used Video Management Systems (VMS) including Milestone.

All you need to do is contact our free technical support department via phone or email and they will help you do the rest.

For further pricing information please contact us.

Videosoft are experts in low bandwidth video solutions and supply customers in a range of markets including defence, police, local authority, marine and transport. For further information please visit

*On-premise, means can run via your own servers
**Mbps = Mega bits per second
***Your cellular phone network may charge for this data, but remember because we encode your feed the amount of data you may be billed for will be a lot less than if you weren’t using FireLight