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What is FireLight?

FireLight is a video compression and streaming solution that can now be installed and run on Cradlepoint IBR1700 and R1900 routers, to enable you to stream and view live CCTV over cellular/LTE networks at ultra low data rates. This will reduce your costs of transmission, as it uses far less data than using standard cameras alone and will also enable video streaming in areas where bandwidth is limited.

We also offer standalone encoders that can work with any routers in the Cradlepoint family, offering a wider range of performance, including multiple video streams from multiple cameras and full edge recording capabilities.

The FireLight solution can offer video streaming rates from as little as 4kbps (0.004mbps) upwards.

We consider ultra-low bandwidth to be between 4kbps (0.004mbps) to 500 kbps (0.5mbps)*

FireLight is a service that can be enabled on both Cradlepoint’s IBR1700 and R19000 mobile routers to offer a single, low bitrate video stream.

If you require a wider range of performance, more than one stream to run simultaneously or full recording capabilities, we have additional hardware units that will work alongside any Cradlepoint routers. For further information please contact us.

To receive and view the video streams coming from the routers we have a range of applications for Windows, Android and IOS devices. You can also send the video to third party software such as industry leading Video Management Systems (eg. Milestone, Genetec, Indigo, Airship and others).

From these applications, you can fully control PTZ cameras, streaming rates, review and download footage and a lot more.

Videosoft offers both a hosted cloud based service and on-premise**(customer network) models of installation.

All you need to do is contact our technical support department via phone or email and they will help you do the rest.

We have flexible and competitive pricing options and pricing plans to enable you to benefit from the Firelight solution in a way that suits you.

For further pricing information please contact us.

Videosoft are experts in low bandwidth video solutions and supply customers in a range of markets including defence, police, local authority, marine and transport. For further information please visit

*mbps = mega bits per second
*kbps = kilobits per second
**On-premise, means can run via your own servers


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